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Refuse To Be A Failure

Refuse to ba a failureYou need to know that God did not create you to be a mediocre on this earth; nor did he create you to struggle through life. Your redemption in Christ makes you a person of value.

In Matthew 5:14

14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

There is something about you the world is yet to encounter; you’re a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. You are not a person to be pitied; you are a man that should command the envy of this world.

On the way to success many have come face to face with challenges; Howbeit, the Bible assures us that all things will always work together for our testimony.

Most people who have attained success in life that we celebrate today have failed woefully at one time or the other in the past; but their secret is that they reacted vehemently against failure.   Don’t sit down and watch your destiny waste!

My friend there’s room for you at the top, don’t settle for failure – react against it! If your desire to make a mark in life you must be prepared to go beyond the average and be determined to crush whatever wants to cheat you. Failure must be defeated in your life.

I decree as a father that you will succeed in Jesus Name!

29 thoughts on “Refuse To Be A Failure

  1. Ugochukwu olinya says:

    Amen and Amen

    1. BLESSING UDOFIA says:


      1. Baribor Bright says:


  2. Sigmund Elliot Nlerum says:


  3. victor says:

    amen i must succed

    1. Williams Barikui fade says:

      So it shall be to u if u blive

  4. supreme tamuno says:

    AMEN i receive it.

  5. Kelvin says:


  6. Queenette says:


    1. Williams Barikui fade says:

      If only u blive

  7. Williams Barikui fade says:

    Let it be so, Amen

  8. mwansa julius says:

    Amen man of GOD

  9. Ada says:

    Amen sir I receive it

  10. adeyemi Kehinde Kolade says:

    I refuse to be a failure in Jesus name

  11. says:

    Thank you for giving the advice. It’ll help me lot.

  12. christian says:

    I will surely succeed

  13. FAITH TOBIN says:

    Amen this is a very good message by papa and i have decided to also succeed by consciously following the steps to success and i know God will take me to my desired goals

  14. GLORIA says:



  16. Victor Emele. says:

    Amen I must succeed. Success is mine.

  17. Allan G Wenani says:

    Amen now am going to restart where I went wrong in Jesus name am not afailure

  18. FRANK NUKA says:

    i refuse to be a failure


    Amen. So be it to me as my father has said it.

    1. Chibuzo chiekwilo says:

      I must succeed in Jesus mighty name,amen.

  20. Eze isaac says:

    Thanks papa and as far as God is concern i must succeed in life in jesus name. Ame

  21. Bismark says:

    Pastor may God bless you and increase you

  22. Felix Baba says:


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