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God In You

God in YouIf you are born again, the Holy Spirit dwells in you. He is the God in you. Being born again is not just an experience but receiving the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. The house of God is not just the physical building; the real house of God is you – the temple of the living God.

Without the Holy Spirit there is fear but with Him there is boldness. He has power to quicken your body and your life. He has the ability to destroy every life threatening circumstance. He instills in you His power and ability. He reveals to you things you never dreamt of knowing. He is our guide in the affairs of life. The issue here is that most people don’t depend on Him; they only depend on men. Man may fail and disappoint but the Holy Spirit never fails.

The one inside of you is God Himself! Be very conscious of Him in you, that is all you need to live a victorious life. It is when you are conscious of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit that you will see Him doing what He wants to do in your life.

17 thoughts on “God In You

  1. Jessica says:

    So happy to get this word of God. don’t know how to express it but really thank God for leading me to this site. am a first timer.

  2. BelieveAll says:

    Thank You God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and help my dear Lord never to frustrate this gift in me

  3. bon inu says:

    How can get i talk to the senior pastor on line pls. My Name is bon bzse in abuja

  4. Obabori says:

    Thank you sir, for this truth.

  5. BelieveAll says:

    Call the numbers in this website

  6. Mark.O says:

    Nice teaching…. happy to be a partaker of the message.

  7. Nzeadibe c. kenneth says:

    I earnestly want to know Him more. Thank you for this post

  8. Chinasa Obiora says:

    Happy to be a part of this Ministry…. I’ve never had it better. God bless you for this wonderful message.

  9. Joao Bungo says:

    Pastor ,

    thank you for this great message, and thank you to the Almighty God.

  10. Onoja Leo says:

    Am so blessed to visit this site. This is an inspiration from God to man.


    Thank You Jesus For This Wonderful Insight On The Holy Spirit.

  12. solomon Rich says:

    I thank Almighty God for making me to be a partake of this great message,and believe strongly that from this day the almighty God

    1. solomon Rich says:

      Will do a mavalus thing in my life in this eleventh hour of miracle

    2. Carlie says:

      in the “Law of the Lid” you can’t be a &#87&2;51#8242; as a leader and help people become 8′s. I believe this holds true in marriage, when you are an 8 (there’s always room for improvement) marrying a 3 is going to lead to a frustrating relationship. You want another 8, who comple(i)ments you.Excellent post.

  13. Medlyn says:

    Thank u lord for ds year 5NOG it is my first time of attending n thank God for using d man of God to enlighten me on the relevance of allowin d holy spirit dwell in me. Am blessed hearing this word…. Amen

  14. Anki Ayibatari Viva says:

    Paapa, GOD bless you for this truth. I never knew that that I have the HOLY-SPIRIT in me until now, GOD bless you.

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