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Man was created to take care of God’s creation; not to destroy it. Your life will only become profitable when it is ‘contribution-driven’ – Gen. 1:28

If you love your nation, you should build it and not destroy It.— Rom. 13:10

To love your nation is to have a deep and intense passion for the development and comfort of your nation. It is to be praying for her, thinking well of her; acting in consonance with her laws and promoting the sanctity of human lives within and around her. It is finding lasting solutions to her challenges rather than merely criticizing her activities. You do not have legal right to prosper in a nation, city, state or community you do not love –Psalm 122:6-9

Love compels greatness; it is your love for your nation that will compel you to protect her interest and preserve her. Lovers of nations are statesmen who have the disposition to preserve and build.

A statesman is not someone who has occupied high profile offices more than anyone else in his country; neither is he the oldest member of a political party. A statesman is one who is actively involved in shaping policies in order for his country or state to run smoothly. He cares about the direction his nation is heading more than his own position. He leaves footprints in the sands of time. Statesmen fix ruined countries and citizens without seeking undue recognition.—Nehemiah 2:15-17

They put national interest above their personal interest; reconstructing dilapidating system. Statesmen are nation builders. They maintain standards and values without compromise.

Compromise is simply giving up your principles for reason of expediency. Whatever you tolerate, you cannot eliminate. Compromise is like a disease: it eats up integrity and replaces it with mediocrity.—Phil. 2:15

The strongest nation in the world is not the nation that is most visited or has the strongest currency, but the nation that has immense regard and respect for Godly values. Your contribution in your nation will either make her great or mar her greatness.




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