Divine Protection

The reason you must value life is because if riches is lost, you can get it back but you cannot get life back if you lose it; that is why you must do everything to protect your life. Life is a precious gift from God to man; it is a gift that must be preserved as not to be destroyed.

Life is more precious than material things. Most people have misplaced their priorities; you need life to enjoy things; you don’t need things first to enjoy life because a dead man cannot enjoy things. Many pursue acquisition but they don’t have understanding of divine protection.

Not everybody that is laughing with you likes you. When you move from one position to another, you might be surprised that even some closed relatives will not rejoice with you. Wickedness has been in existence since creation; that is why Cain killed his brother Abel.

The blood of Jesus has power to bring anybody out of hell. Our strong hold is the blood of Jesus. Your strength is in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Zech.9:14 – And the Lord shall be seen over them, and his arrow shall go forth as the lightning: and the Lord God shall blow the trumpet, and shall go with whirlwinds of the south.

When you implore the blood of Jesus with understanding, it goes as an arrow in the spirit realm to clear satan from your path. The moment satan clears in the spirit, his agents also clear from your path in the physical realm. Therefore, the battle is not physical. That you are not seeing it physically does not mean that it is not there; what makes it work is your faith. Did you see blood when you gave your life to Christ? So why did you accept Jesus and believe that your sins are forgiven? It is the same faith that is required when using pleading the blood of Jesus. Therefore, it is not just about shouting the blood of Jesus; it is pleading it with understanding. Today, God will give you understanding to walk in supernatural protection in Jesus name!


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