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Preparing For Greatness – Pt 1

David Ibiyeomie
April 10, 2016
      Preparation For Greatness Part 1

Preparing For Greatness – Pt 1


14 thoughts on “Preparing For Greatness – Pt 1

  1. Thulisile says:

    Greetings in the name of JESUS,i watch Salvation Ministries every weekday and i now know how to pray,when to pray my spiritual life has grown.i thank Ps David Ibiyeomie for his teachings God bless you.

    1. Victoria Okaiteye says:

      Am always blessed by your powerful sermons Papa God bless you and your entire family. Love you and your ministry so much

  2. Sally(mrs) says:

    I have been soo blessed by listening to your sermons lately. I can see that I have been empowered and my mind have been renewed by the undiluted messages of the most high U preached all the time….My name is Sally from Ghana and I want you as ma spiritual father…Papa please declare it and I believe I am already..thank u Papa God bless you.. I love u

  3. Peter Ndiema says:

    I am Pastor Peter, a police chaplain in kenya, I must confess that I have been blessed by your powerful and practical principles of life and godliness that is purely bible based.I kindly would like to get all sermons by papa. .in pdf format. How best will I be able to acquire?

  4. Ajor bright onyebuchi says:

    God has restored me through my encounter with David lbiyeomie

  5. mwansa julius says:

    Papa i was blessed with your teaching on soul winning, i have become a regular viewer of this sweet and educative channel of Papa may the Al mighty grant you with million years to preach his gospel through out the world. You are a blessing.

  6. David Livinstone Eboh says:

    I have never been closer to God with such endowed knowledge, all this emancipated as a result of my encounter with Pst. David & Salvation Ministries…
    God continually bless Pst. David Ibiyeomie, his family & Salvation Ministries!
    More Grace! More Power! More Unction! More Expansion! More Miracles & More Inspiration from the Sweet Holy Spirit!!!


    Sir,may you continue to break fallow grounds make new exploit,more anointing IN JESUS NAME.


    This is the LORD’S doing…….

  9. Ubong Umoh says:

    Gods Word through a man after Gods own heart has send light into my life and destiny hallelujah…………………

  10. Shekita Phillips says:

    I have been so blessed and strengthen by your teaching. Jesus I praise you for this vessel that you chosen to do your work. May God continue to bless & prosper everything you put your hands 2 do in Jesus name. I also found out that ME & PASTOR SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY! !!

  11. Anita Onoja says:

    Salvation Ministries is the best thing that has happened to me. I always wished I learn all the principles of the messages early in life. All thanks to God Almighty who now connect me to his Son David Ibiyeomie


    it is not longer life as usual since i began worshiping at Salvation Ministries.
    God’s Servant David Ibiyomie has been a great source of inspiration through his thought provoking sermons and teachings.

    in summary i can say with all boldness that my life is no longer the same. God used Pastor David Ibiyomie to lift me up.
    May God continue to bless and keep you in Jesus name. Amen…..

  13. Evangelist Peter Isalo says:

    the first I heard from you was when I listened to The Power of Expectations and I was blessed that I wanted more and more from you which lead me to this website.

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