Be Mentored – By David Ibiyeomie

You will never meet a high-flier in any area of life who has no mentor. You cannot come across a professor in any discipline that was not a student of another. Therefore, in every field of life, tutelage and apprenticeship is the order of the day.

Pride has eaten deep into the fabrics of mankind that the subject of mentorship now looks unnecessary and even young ones no longer believe in discipleship.

Mentors are the ladders you can use to climb to the top but when mentorship is ignored, stagnation and frustration are inevitable. Without a mentor, you have no ladder and without a ladder, your access to the top will remain a daydream.

Without fathers, you will have no feathers and you will not be able to fly without feathers because fathers are the ones that give feathers to fly. God is the author of mentorship.

God believes in fatherhood. It is impossible for a baby-eagle to become a full eagle without being mentored by mother-eagle. There is nothing you are called to do today that somebody else had not done before.

Isaac Newton said, ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’.

Just like you came through a biological father, you need destiny father who will help you to fulfil your vision. You can never play your role well without a role-model. A role-model is the builder of your capacity; he helps to stretch you so that the best in you can come out. Only disciples will ever qualify to become apostles. If you ever want to get anywhere in your destiny, you must quickly identify with a mentor.

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