Experiencing Change Through Prayer – David Ibiyeomie

Most times, people look at prayer as just a means of having their needs met but it is far beyond that. Prayer does not just change things; prayer changes people and the more changes you experience as a believer, the higher your level of spiritual walk with God.

It is great for things to change but it is greater for people to change. Moses came back from the mount and his face had to be covered because of God’s glory upon him.

Therefore, in this season of prayer, expect amazing changes in your countenance and life in general that no devil will be able to behold your face anymore in the name of Jesus!

It is good to ask God to give you things but it is better to ask HIM to change you. When your level changes, you will move into a new realm of authority. As you engage the prayer altar, you go from strength to strength spiritually, physically and otherwise.

Prayer goes far beyond changing things; prayer changes people. It is a platform where you build up grace against the day of challenge so that you can remain in command.

Every moment you knock on the prayer altar genuinely, it enhances your level of authority in your walk with God. Make your prayer content rich with kingdom dreams and every other thing including that your need will be added unto you in the name of Jesus!

God bless you

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