Passion For Your Assignment – David Ibiyeomie

Passion is a pointer to God’s vision for your life. There must be something around you that is constantly provoking you and you wish it could be better. It is always driving your desire to make it better that what it already is.

Therefore, every positive passion in you should call your attention. Today, what people call passion is nothing but obsession because they are after what to get. Your assignment is not about what to get; it is about what to give. It is not about what to have; it is about what to do.

Nehemiah never thought of becoming a governor; he was burning with passion to see the broken walls of Jerusalem rebuilt. He became the chief labourer in the building of that wall. He had no dream of becoming a leader; he was only a passionate builder of the broken walls to restore the glory of Jerusalem.

It is not what you have that determines your worth; it is what you add. What are you adding to human race? What service are you here to render? Some people want to be something in the society just to have a name and fame but that is not a vision. Thinking of a house to build and cars to buy are dreams of babies; a vision of what to do is the dream of MEN.

May you find your assignment on time and may you run with it forever in the name of Jesus the Christ –Amen!

God bless you

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