Enhance Your Worth – David Ibiyeomie

Everything that is of value that comes from you enhances your worth. Don’t just go after title; yearn for worth because the worth of a man is not in his title; the worth of a man is in his name and values. Many great men in the history of life don’t have any title attached to their names. Therefore, build worth into your name by generating values on daily basis.

The world will never remember your titles; they will only remember your values. Don’t look down on yourself and don’t allow anyone look down on you. Joseph did not look like one who will save a generation; he was only a prisoner but the Spirit of God was in him. As a child of God, it is that same Spirit that is in you.

There was something in Joseph that was enlarging him on the inside; receive that same Spirit in the name of Jesus! The spirit of God will set you apart and cause you to stand out among your peers in the name of Jesus! You will bring forth values that men around the world will be clamoring to get in the name of Jesus!

Your value system matters in determining the destiny of your life. It is not the clothes you wear that matters; it is the values you bear. It takes self-discipline to be accomplished in life. It is very important to define your life by taking responsibility for it. Take your life in your hand and tell yourself that you are completely responsible for the outcome of your life.

God bless you

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