Praise For Manifestation – By David Ibiyeomie

Psalm 22:3 -But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.
When you are full of praise, the fullness of God emerges and when His fullness emerges, He causes you to become full of signs and wonders. Joy births praise and a praiseful heart will attract the presence of God and the presence of God will give birth to signs and wonders.
Praiseful Christians are winning Christians. You cannot praise God and be a loser in life. Praise must be done with understanding for it to produce result.
Psalm 47:7 -For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.
Those who praise God continuously are the ones who go from strength to strength. Many people find it hard to praise God because they are seeing problems of life instead of seeing the promises of God but if you allow yourself to see the promises of God, you will undoubtedly praise God.
Instead of seeing sickness, you see God’s word that ‘Himself took your infirmities’. Instead of seeing poverty, you see His word ‘That He was made poor that you might be rich’. There is no problem that does not have a Word of God for it. If you can put your faith on God’s word, you will never allow the problems of life weigh you down.
All the promises of God in His word are true and they can become yours when you believe Him and give Him a heartfelt praise in appreciation for what is to come.
Certain things happen in life for you to witness the power of God in turning the situation around. If Lazarus did not die, we would not have known the power of resurrection. If Hanna was not barren, we would not have known how God turns impossible situations to become possible. If there was no Goliath, there would not have been any King David. Therefore, certain things happen in your life because God wants to give you a testimony. God will bring testimony out of that situation of your life in the name of Jesus!
Psalm 114:1-7. Read
When you praise God in the face of challenges; at that point where the energy of the flesh can no longer carry you, God steps in and clears every opposition and gives you victory over the challenges of life. Today, as you begin to praise God even when it is not convenient, He will cause that situation to turn around in your favour in the name of Jesus! Your morning will spring forth and you will become a sign and a wonder to your world in the name of Jesus the Christ –Amen!

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