In 2 Samuel 6:11-12, God blessed Obededom and all that concerns him for hosting the ark of God in his household for 3 months; as you host the ark of God (cell fellowship), you will enjoy the same order of blessings in Jesus name!


1. Home Cell Fellowship: For houses/apartments owned, rented or legally acquired for residential purposes by the Host/Hostess with specific prayers relating to the needs of the members. This category of Cell Fellowship holds every Tuesday. Duration: 1 hour
2. Corporate Cell Fellowship: For corporate offices and organizations with specific prayers relating to the need of the organization and the members. It holds on days and time chosen by the office/organization outside our service days - Duration: 45 minutes
3. Unique Cell Fellowship: For students' hostels/apartments within and around university campuses and other tertiary institutions with specific prayers relating to the students and their academic needs. Holds on Tuesdays or any other day (outside our service days) as permitted by the school authorities. Duration: 1 hour

Please note: The following places are not allowed to host the cell fellowship: houses where same-sex marriage, cohabitation or immorality of any sort are practiced; restaurants that serve alcoholic drinks; brothels, drinking bars/pubs and night clubs.

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