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Smart Giving

Are You Living in Canada or USA…We have just added an exciting new tool Smart Giving to make Giving from your phone simple, safe and secure and can be made from anywhere in Canada or United States Of America! We partnered with Kindrid Giving, a non-profit organization that works with faith-based organizations to make text giving simple. There are so many reasons to give by text!

  1. It is Faster
  2. Registration is secure, fast and easy, and you only have to register once
  3. Give from the comfort of your home/Office, while watching a live Service, Hour of Salvation, or listening to Salvation Radio, or whenever you are led to give towards spreading the Gospel

Smart Giving Instructions:

To securely make a gift, text GIVE to (443) 244-4212 You’ll be asked to register with a credit/debit card your first time. Don’t forget to save the number in your phone.You can always text EDIT to update your information, set up a recurring gift, and check the status of a gift.

To Give a seed of any amount

Text GIVE to (443) 244-4212

Be sure to save  (443) 244-4212 in your phone to make future donations even faster!

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