Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…

In line with our mandate : To Establish the kingdom of God here on Earth, we aim to continuously reach the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ in innovative ways.

This we have done successfully so far with our online church which has brought the preaching of Jesus to so many homes around the globe. While we are grateful for the impact our online platform is creating, we also sense a clear increasing need on a daily basis to have Jesus in the lives of many. We recognise the need to do even more by reaching more persons the world over with the gospel especially in Countries, Cities and Towns we are yet to be physically planted in.

We are now embarking on a vision to bring the church closer to the neighbourhoods of our online worshippers to carter for their spiritual and physical needs and reach the unsaved in such areas.


In line with the Vision 1-10 souls online worshippers are encouraged to open a viewing centre and invite people to worship with them for regular services and programmes at their viewing centre. The viewing centre can be likened to the cell system where people are encouraged to meet for fellowship. This could be held at any designated place including at home. We welcome individuals and group of persons willing and ready to promote the Kingdom of God by joining us in our church expansion vision to locations in dire need of the gospel through our viewing centres.

To Participate In The Vision ,  CLICK  HERE