Pastor Mrs Peace Ibiyeomie is the wife of the presiding Pastor of Salvation Ministries – Pst. David Ibiyeomie. Her passion centers on helping the needy which propelled her to establish a HELP MINISTRY that reaches out to widows, orphans and motherless children so as to alleviate poverty in the society. Mama as she is fondly called is the PROVOST of The WORD OF LIFE BIBLE INSTITUTE; a life-transforming training arm of Salvation Ministries which has graduated thousands of students since her inception in 1997.

She develops interesting course plan to meet the spiritual, emotional and social needs of students. She establishes and enforces rules for behaviour and procedure for maintaining order among a diverse class of students. She ensures that progressive teaching principles are applied to constantly improve the standard of the institute.

As a lover of humanity, Pst. Peace Ibiyeomie organizes and sponsors micro-entrepreneur workshops for widows. She empowers them financially to start small-scale businesses. She provides healthcare facilities for sick widows and their children as well as scholarships and other welfare for motherless and orphaned children.

Still hungry to do more, Peace Ibiyeomie in April 2010, reached out to Rasat and Zot-Foron communities in Barkin Ladin L.G.A of Plateau State; communities ravaged by Islamic insurgence on the 7th of March 2010; leaving the few survivors in a very pitiable state. To help ameliorate the suffering of these people, Peace Ibiyeomie financed the building of a primary school in the community to enable the children to acquire basic education. She went further to sponsor a micro-entrepreneur workshop for the women who lost their husbands during the crisis and empowered them financially to start small-scale businesses so as to take care of their children.

As an author, she has written so many life-changing books such as;

  1. How to enjoy Ceaseless Harvest
  2. The Winning Woman
  3. Your Passport to Success
  4. Building a Stable Family
  5. The Real Mother
  6. Secrets of Godly Marriage
  7. The Woman God Uses
  8. The Prudent Woman
  9. 7 Secrets of an Uncommon Woman
  10. The Purposeful Mother
  11. Don’t Give Up
  12. Walking With God
  13. The Uncommon Helpment
  14. Knowing the Right Person
  15. Understanding the Power of the Tongue
  16. Deceit, Fantasy or Love
  17. Finance, Romance and Commitment 

On celebration seasons, mama ensures that the widows and orphaned children are not left out of the celebration as she goes all out to provide food items, clothing and other gift items for them; reminding them of Christ’s love towards them.

Pst. Mrs. Peace Ibiyeomie is happily married to Pst. David Ibiyeomie and they have a lovely son – David Ibiyeomie Junior